Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Dating Game

Its official. Alex & Dim Sum is a couple. The two of them have been at 'it' the last couple of days - Dim Sum teasingly brush her tail in Alex's face or giving him a little Alaskan kiss - now which male can resist these seductive games? Afterall, Alex is just like any other male. And before you know it, they're humping like rabbits (no offence to the rabbits) in front of Fudge - her first sex education.

Hey there sexy ;)

Well enough is enough, no more cat porn. So I separated the love birds & neither are happy (well duh!). Dim Sum was sent to her room screaming & kicking & Alex is staking outside her room howling. Not sure how much longer I can stand this ruckus before I cave in.

Although Alex is very much a eunuch he believes in spreading his mojo to make this world a better place & Dim Sum is to be a nun - very soon. But until then, my Romeo & Juliet are missing each other loudly, making 'sweet' music with only a door between them.

God help me & the neighbours.